A downloadable game for Windows

Mega Pong

- Two player game

Red Player Controls:

W - Up

A - Left

S - Down

D - Right

Left Shift - Turn solid

Blue Player Controls:

Up Key - Up

Left Key - Left

Down Key - Down

Right Key - Right

Right Shift - Turn solid

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Published 92 days ago
TagsLocal multiplayer, pong


mega-pong.exe (1 MB)


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download file doesn't contain the game, but a kind of gamemaker2 app only (i have XP, maybe it is the problem?)

I think the GameMaker 2 app should be the game, I have not had a chance to change the icon or game name. Also I have not tested the game on windows xp so that may also be the problem. Thanks for the heads up

Confirmed: no XP compatibe... tnx anyway :)